Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School


Forest Schools

For a number of years, outdoor learning has been a key part of the Southroyd Promise, with children regularly telling us that they want to learn outdoors. We have integrated outdoor lessons into our curriculum and recently added Forest Schools to our wider school curriculum, working closely with Amanda Sowerby and previously Obie Butcher, both specialist in the field.

Forest School starts in Nursery with children here learning to meditate and listen to the sounds of the outdoors.

Reception children design, make and enjoy their own obstacle course made out of natural materials in the woodland.

Forest Schools is all about practical skills, for example, learning to tie different knots in reception class.

Obie shows the children how to make a fire, using materials from the forest. The children make hot chocolate.

The blindfold really focuses the children on listening to the sounds of the woodland - the sounds change throughout the year.

Children learnt to look around the woodland for natural materials that can solve problems - here the children made fishing rods.

The children design, make and locate their own tree spirits around the woodland area, fashioning their ideas out of clay.

The woodland is the perfect place to look for samples of minibeasts and plants and find out about science first hand.

Year 4 made a den during refugee week to think about the basic needs and challenges of making shelter.