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Southroyd Primary School



Inspire Co-operative Learning Trust


On August 1st 2013, Southroyd Primary School converted to a     Co-operative Trust School, joining the recently renamed

Inspire Co-operative Learning Trust.

Through the trust Southroyd has developed a co-operative ethos incorporating key principles: equality, equity, democracy, self-help, self-responsibility, openness, solidarity and care for others.

Southroyd works within the Schools Co-operative Trust, attending conferences and training within the regional and national co-operative organisations, as well as working closely with partners in the trust.

There are 3 partners for the Trust, Southroyd Primary School, Leeds Rhinos Foundation and St Anne's Community Services but we are keen to develop our Co-operative Trust to see more people in our community involved.

The name "Inspire" was chosen by members of the Trust because it perfectly reflects the work of all involved:

"Inspire to me is when - because of experience or someone's actions- you raise your own sights and develop your own ambitions to reach for what may seem unreachable; and also take the first steps along the way to succeeding" Julie Robinson, St Anne's Community Services

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"Inspire to me is where we are motivated by a culture owned by people who want to manifest their dreams into a reality, and who want to serve others on a daily basis." Jamie Jones-Buchanan, Leeds Rhinos

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"The word inspire for me, means I feel a positive physical and emotional response to something that I can't ignore and I have to take action immediately! It's when something or someone has compelled me to do something myself and made me feel like I will have a great chance of success and that I will enjoy it or benefit from it." Kate Prior, Southroyd.

In recent work in school council, the children derived a mnemonic based on the name of the trust, representing the key characteristics that enable us to "be the best we can be."  At Southroyd, BE INSPIRED:

I Independent

N Nurturing

S Supportive

P Persevering

I Inclusive

R Resilient

E Enthusiastic

D Determined



Khushi Patel, from Y6, dances at the Trust dance festival held at Priesthorpe School in March.

The school choir perform at the Priesthorpe "Christmas Around the World" musical performance.