Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School



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Roles and Responsibilities

Chair of Governors:


Vice Chair:

Keith Robertshaw (Resources Committee)

Governing Body:

Kate Prior (Head-teacher)

Dave Manton (Deputy Head Teacher)

Anna Devine (School Business Manager, Associate Member)

Emma Kilsby (Associate Member, T+L Committee, DHT)

Finance and Resources Committee

Keith Robertshaw (Chair), John Thorne, Kate Prior, Dave Manton, Sue Clifford, Karen Kaye, Phil Jackson


Teaching and Learning

Mark Tarver (chair), Emma Kilsby, Dave Manton, Chris Mann. Nick Millington, Dawn Johnson, Rachael Sherriff


Pupil Support Committee (inc. Children's Centre)

Janine Hayes (chair), Sue Clifford, Kate Prior, Richard Dimery


Performance Pay Committee

John Thorne, Sue Clifford, Mark Tarver


Additional Responsibilities

Chris Mann (Performance Data), Sue Clifford (Complaints), Janine Hayes (Attendance), Nick Millington (Early Years, Early Reading and Phonics)

Governor From Expiration
Kate Prior
Sue Clifford 3.12.13 3.12.25
Mark Tarver 24.9.19 23.9.23
John Thorne 28.9.21 27.9.25
Dawn Johnson 26.9.17 25.9.25
Dave Manton 23.9.18 06.03.27
Phil Jackson 28.9.21        27.9.25
Rachael Sherriff 28.9.21  27.9.25
Richard Dimery 6.12.17 5.12.25
Keith Robertshaw 12.3.19 20.06.27
Karen Kaye 10.12.19 09.12.23
Chris Mann 12.3.19 20.06.27
Janine Hayes 30.9.18 30.9.26
Nick Millington 28.9.21 07.03.26
Matthew Davison 20.6.23 20.6.27



Chair of Governors



Keith Robertshaw, Vice Chair, Co-opted Representative, Resources, Sport Premium
Sue Clifford, Foundation Representative, Trust, Complaints
Richard Dimery,    Co-opted Representative Pastoral Committee, More Able and Talented
John Thorne, Trust Representative, Resources Committee
Dawn Johnson,    Co-Opted Representative, Teaching and Learning Committee, Governor Training
Chris Mann, Co-opted Representative, Teaching and Learning Committee, Data
    Karen Kaye,       Co-opted Representative Resources Committee, Safeguarding
Rachael Sherriff,     Co-opted Representative, Teaching and Learning Committee, SEND, Equality and Diversity
       Phil Jackson,        Co-opted Representative, Health and Safety, Accessibility, Resources Committee
Janine Hayes,       Co-opted representative Pastoral Committee, Attendance, CLA

Nick Millington,    Co-opted Representative, Teaching and Learning, Pastoral Committee, Early Years, Early Reading and phonics


Matthew Davison, Parent Governor