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Southroyd Primary School


Investors in Pupils (IIP)

Southroyd was successfully re-accredited with IIP in January 2019

Look at some of our school displays this Autumn - Investors in Pupils is embedded into all of our classroom practice.


Congratulations to the whole school who were re-accredited in Investors in Pupils, in  January 2019.

Active Citizenship is a key part of the Southroyd learning experience and we always encourage anyone who is part of school to contribute to its success. 'Investors' is about children taking control of their learning. They find out about the resources in school, including people who support them, and they develop an awareness of their own role. They work on their behaviour and learning through independent and class targets. A lot of the work takes place in assemblies and PSHCE. There are displays in every classroom and throughout the school to help us to keep focused.


Each classroom displays their own personal targets and also their own rules, which are determined in discussion with the class.


 Investors in Pupils Ethos

All the staff and children in our school understand the principles of Investors in Pupils and we build these into our annual calendar , daily practice and ethos. We recruit our teachers expecting them to know about, understand and believe in the principles of Investors in Pupils. We hope to encourage our parents to role model Active Citizenship for their children and be actively involved in school life so that they can encourage their children to do the same.


 What will you find in each IiP Classroom?

Each Classroom has the following that you can look at and talk to your child about:

■A Mission statement/ Class charter written by the pupils and shared rules/expectations.

■A class target and each pupil needs to be aware of personal targets set by the pupils

■An induction booklet / resource written or produced by the pupils

■Pupils should know about the adults who help us in school including the different roles staff take. In addition we try to ensure they feel part of the wider school community and are aware of other people who help them like Governors, Friends of Southroyd School, volunteers from Pudsey Church and Reading Friends,

■How they can take responsibility in the school at an age appropriate level.

■What the school spends it’s budget on.



Updating the Southroyd Curriculum

The new year project for the school and class council is to update the Southroyd Promise. Following assembly about the national curriculum and the children's rights to learning, we asked the children to reflect on how we could improve and enhance different areas of the curriculum.

Anti-Bullying Week

With pupil voice being a key part of Investors in Pupils, the children met as class and then school council to update, edit and modify the Anti-Bullying posters which they have developed over the last 6 years. Additionally, children such as Max in Y3 worked at home to devise and send in their own "Anti-Bullying" posters as underneath:

School Budget

The children need an age appropriate understanding of what School Budget is. We used Big Talk to set the question, and discussed what role we all have to be responsible towards the spending of the school budget. On November 27th Mr Thorne from the School Governing Body and Mr Lambert, site superintendent, came in to explain more about the way in which the school budget is spent. The children realised the responsibility they had for reducing the costs and making the most of monies spent.

Here is the list compiled by Class and School Council for the week of 3.12.18

  • Look after and respect all school property – so doesn’t need replacing
  • Put lids on pens and glue sticks – or they dry out
  • Don’t over sharpen pencils
  • Use both sides of paper
  • Use scrap paper – especially in Golden Time
  • Be careful with playground equipment and return it carefully afterwards
  • Reduce amount of energy wasted – turn lights off, bring in a bottle for water, turn machines off, don’t have radiators on and windows open
  • In bathrooms don’t waste paper towels, toilet paper and soap – don’t waste water
  • Look for interesting ways to fund raise to help the school

Takeover Week

Takeover Week began on Friday 23rd November, with 38 tasks from a variety of adults around school, matched carefully by school council. There were 98 applications from children, who answered the questions set by school council on why they should be chosen to takeover a particular task. School Council met on November 15th to match the best applications for each job and children across school find out more about the roles and responsibilities of some of the many adults within Southroyd. Click here to go tour Takeover Week page.

On the week of December 3rd Big Talk asked the question, "Who helps make Southroyd be the best it can be?" We held an assembly and raised the questions in Big Talk for the children to develop their understanding further about all the people who help us around school.

Pupil Voice

Thankyou to Rilee in Year 3 who came up with the idea to work together to support the homeless this Winter. We loved Rilee's ideas and he is going to be working with us to remind parents to bring in old hats, gloves, scarves and food supplies to support the homeless, with a collection this harvest. 

Another example of a fantastic active citizen!

KS2 Target

KS2 set a target to improve their behaviour at break and lunchtimes - with the help from school council, the children will monitor their improvement and ensure that they respect all the outside rules.

Election Fever

Over 110 children stood for School Council this year - children had the responsibility to vote during the day of October 3rd, at the school polling booths. This followed a couple of weeks of canvassing and poster campaigning.

 Children developed mission statements as part of their IIP work.

We believe that taking part in the programme helps our children achieve high standards in their education and equips them with important life skills.

The Investors In Pupils award is based on five “key areas”:

  • *Learning
  • *Behaviour
  • *Attendance
  • *Classroom Management
  • *Induction


 As part of our Investors in Pupils work, pupils are encouraged to share their ideas and take responsibility for their class and their learning. They set their class rules and create a guide to their class at the beginning of the school year. They also set a class target which is regularly reviewed to ensure they continually aim high to be the best they can be!

Induction Booklets

As part of Investors in Pupils, classes develop their own Induction materials for new members of the class to read when they join the school. This is a nice way to celebrate the community of a class and also a really helpful and welcoming guide to any new comers.