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"Our vision is that our children leave Southroyd Primary School as Active Citizens- they have the skills, knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm they need to succeed and are ready for LIFE"

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  2. International School Award Summer 2021

International School Award  Summer 2021

This page reflects the 2021 successful bid for a British Council International School Award. You can find out about the 4 projects required for the adjusted evidence for the 2021 bid. We are thrilled to say that our bid was successful and we have been successful in achieving our 5th International Award.


5 People Who Changed the World

Five people Project Webpage

Working To Reduce Climate Change

Climate Change Project Webpage

Some Parent Feedback on Black History

"My children loved getting involved in learning about Black History. They came home and told us lots of facts and seemed very involved and invested I the topic."

"I think it's great children learn all types of history good and bad so we can all learn from this."

"I think it's brilliant and I love that rather than one project, or only 1 month, black history is taught as part of all history all year round alongside all the other parts of history that the children learn. This is how it should have always been so it's great to know we are finally there."

"My younger children loved learning about Martin Luther King and really enjoyed writing their own version of his 'I have a dream' speech. It was really encouraging to see the engagement and understanding of such young minds on this most important of topics."

"I thoroughly enjoyed creating and filming the Harriet Tubman assembly for the Black History project. Harriet was a remarkable person who isn't as well known as she should be. The children were inspired by her bravery and her determination to free as many slaves as she could - at great personal risk. I was also involved in the work that the children in Year 6 did about Walter Tull - the children studied Walter's short but eventful and inspirational life in great detail and totally understood the challenges he faced."

Parent Views on 5 World Changers

"Interesting topic and very engaging for the children."

"It was really interesting to see how the Bachpan children's views were different from those at Southroyd. Fantastic to share this work with a school in a different part of the world and always important to learn how people have influenced how we live. "

"The children were engaged with this topic and promoted lots of discussion, debates and questions."

"All of my children made suggestions and took part in the Five people who changed the world project. They researched and wrote about these figures and also found it interesting to see the differences in the suggestions from Bachpan. It was very engaging for them and broadened their understanding of how even children and young adults can make a huge difference for the better. "

"Some great suggestions but I do think that the Southroyd list wasn't as great as the Bachpan list, I think maybe further learning on great people who changed the world who are much more important to learn about, Greta thunberg and David Attenborough have done good things, but, Winston Churchill saved us from Nazi occupation, William Wilberforce led the movement to abolish the slave trade and actually came from Yorkshire. UK abolished slavery in 1807 whilst the USA didn't abolish it until 1865, Eleanor Roosevelt who played a huge role in drafting the universal declaration of Human rights in 1948. These things have had such a bigger impact on the world as a whole. I know that there are only so many hours in a school day and climate change is hugely important but it would be a shame to forget the people who paved the way for us and how we live, work, thinks and act on a daily basis."

"The project "Five People Who Changed the World" met with the exceptional interest and commitment by my children. They thought about selecting and proposing their candidates for a long time. They read with interest and studied the biographies of many figures from world history. They talked with great enthusiasm about the next "discoveries" of exceptional people. The organizers of the project should be thanked for this mobilization to intellectual activity and for the children's interest in history and the people who influenced it.
The whole family cheered on our candidate who eventually won. My daughter was happy that Sir David Attenborough turned out to be the leader. And while world history boasts many other characters who have changed the fate of the world significantly and were not on the Southroyd or Bachpan school list, I think choosing a living person that children know is also an indication of true authority for the younger generation.
I really liked that Bachpan's school appreciated Mother Teresa who was on their list!"


Parent Feedback on European Languages

"Really good and inclusive, I know there are children from Polish, French etc descent in the school so it's great for them to share some of their heritage or learn about it if they don't know already. Also great for the English children to learn about other languages too"


"My year 4 daughter thoroughly enjoyed her French language lessons during lockdown and delighted in teaching me what she had learned after each session. "

"The European Language project was a great success - especially when the children forged links with children in a French school. The pupils at the French school sent letters to our children, who were very impressed indeed by the quality of the English language used in the letters. Indeed, they were inspired by this to do their very best in the letters they wrote back in French. Our children worked very hard and produced good quality letters.
Another great strength of the European Language project was the acknowledgement and celebration of the diverse languages spoken by children and families in our school community. "

"I am very pleased that Southroyd has taken on the European Languages Project. We live in a world where knowledge of several languages becomes something necessary and required. Accustoming children with multilingualism and waking up their curiosity by learning French songs, Spanish games, Polish polite phrases or even adapting British classics like Shakespeare plays into French is what today's education needs. Southroyd School has once again shown it understands the needs of children and is meeting their needs."

Feedback on Climate Change

"It's great to see schools so far away from each-other working together and really good for children to learn at an early age how to be more eco friendly so that it becomes second nature as they get older to do little things like turning down the heating, walking where possible instead of driving etc."

"My children all enjoy learning about climate change and are keen to make steps in the house to combat global warming."

"Again, fabulous engagement and interest from the children. They loved the texts we used and their writing was of such a high quality that week. It also provided great spoken language opps for the children and gave them the chance to look at some real and relevant issues."

"Both of my children used what they had learnt at school to influence their habits at home - switching off lights, unplugging devices etc because of their awareness of the impact on climate change. We also got involved in Earth Hour as a family. The school newsletter plus lessons at school gave us some ideas and we used the opportunity to have an evening walk, as well as playing games by candlelight."

"My son was very excited to be part of the video link to Bachpan and put forward some ideas. He told me about the suggestions of things we can all do to make a difference and we took part in Earth hour at home too. "

"It's great to see schools so far away from eachother working together and really good for children to learn at an early age how to be more eco friendly so that it becomes second nature as they get older to do little things like turning down the heating, walking where possible instead of driving etc." 

"For as long as I can remember, Southroyd School has been organizing very interesting ecological projects. My children still remember a project that was sensational in terms of its message and artistic expression, namely the design of the tree and leaves, the colour of which depended on the way to go from home to school. I think that at that time many children successfully motivated their parents to go for walks.
I consider the currently implemented Climate Change project to be extremely important, interestingly prepared and well-carried out in terms of content, which results in broadening the pro-ecological awareness of my children, changing small habits for the better. Thanks to this project, my children understood that the behaviour of each of us is of great importance for the natural environment, that you need to start with yourself 'here and now'. The children's initiative appeared thanks to interesting school projects during the lockdown. In our garden there is a hotel for insects, various types of bird feeders, lots of wildflowers liked by butterflies and bees, boxes for starlings and blue tits, and an observation stand for children (with a notebook and a camera).
We also liked the works of the children of the Bachpan school. My son liked Achal Patel's work written during lockdown, especially this fragment: "We find that we have been caged, a cage made of cement, concrete, wood and metal. Perhaps now, we might be able to think about those poor animals. whom we have cage in those modern prisons called ZOO for our recreation and education and entertainment. "
From the work of Jay Khabhl and Sakiya Shekh, we learned a lot of interesting information, including a significant reduction in pollution in the Ganges and Yamuna rivers (which seemed impossible). My daughter was interested in the fact that "the first time in many years people could also see Himalayan ranges from Jalandhar city of Punjab (a very rare sight), due to reduction of air pollution which is approximately 800 km away from Jalandhar city."
For me personally, the phrase from Aditya Shah's work is meaningful: "During COVID we LEARNT to say" NAMASTE "...." INSTEAD OF SHAKING HANDS ".
I consider the 'Climate Change' project, organized with the participation of the school in Bachpan, to be extremely educating all of us."


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