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Southroyd Primary School

"Our vision is that our children leave Southroyd Primary School as Active Citizens- they have the skills, knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm they need to succeed and are ready for LIFE"

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Why is Global Learning important?


We surveyed the parents views on our global projects and were really pleased to find out that children were talking about these important projects at home and becoming really aware of the world around us.

"These topics have been invaluable in teaching my children about the wider world & the enthusiasm with which they told me about what they had learned only proved to demonstrate that these projects had really touched & inspired my children - about the injustices that people had faced & the adversity they had overcome to achieve their goals as well as the impact of the way we live on the wider world & climate & finally on how life can be very different depending on where & how you live (i.e. country, diet, wealth, etc). It's wonderful to see them absorbing this information & understanding how far these projects reach."

"Our Indian visitors, and visits help to make the children aware of how their school experiences and resources differ from that of other countries and cultures in a meaningful way. The children were excited by their Climate Week learning, gaining a greater understand of the huge impact humans have on the planet and the responsibility they have as active citizens that goes alongside that. Refugee week is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about current affairs, the global situation at the moment, and to practise empathy and an appreciation for the struggles of others. They have gained some wonderful SMSC, drama, literacy skills and work from this project.

I feel it makes him aware of wider issues in the world in an age appropriate way."

"The children in school have an open view of the world because of the range of projects we have worked on over the last few years. They have good knowledge of world events, both current and historical. They are interested in what's going on in our local community and well as the wider community and can talk about their impact. The work we cover during refugee week is particularly important and helps the children develop empathy for the plight of others."

"My child is in year one and has taken a real interest in the Climate Change topic with regards to the animals that live in the Arctic and also showed a great interest in Martin Luther King following the recent talk. Its refreshing for them to learn about global issues and subjects that are having a real impact on the world we live in today especially with events currently occurring. Thanks for all the great support and work you put in as a school."

"My child surprises me with current affairs facts and social awareness which he has often gained from events like these. It compares very favourably with the equivalent attention given to such issues in the school I work in. He enjoys learning about life and customs in different countries."

"The schools partnership with Bachpan is inspirational and easily accessible for the children. The school is forward thinking when it comes to the children's cultural development and their place in the world on an international level."

"Black History and Refugee week have also had a strong influence, especially on my eldest daughter who has developed her ability to challenge social injustice and strive to support other's that are less fortunate than herself - I think these projects are so important to develop empathic, caring and well informed children who will hopefully develop these ideals and knowledge into adulthood."

"Having this international link through school has been very special. It has helped us as a family to experience new things: from dancing to tasting new foods e.g chapattis – We have even taken our son to an Indian restaurant which we wouldn’t have done without his new found interest in the country. New smells and tastes are often tough to tackle with our son and this has really opened up new opportunities in lots of different ways. The Bachpan assemblies have also been really lovely and its been great witnessing them as a parent. We’ve had fun talking about them afterwards and researching the country too. Thanks and we look forward to more Bachpan links!"

"The links my children have with Bachpan have without a doubt opened up my children's learning and interest in other countries in the world, it has stimulated them to want to find out more and to research other areas and the differences in different cultures compared to their lives in the UK, I think these links are invaluable and should continue as long as possible. The climate change week was also a very positive experience for the children and we were told off often in our house for leaving lights on when they were not needed and not recycling the correct things! I think it is wonderful that the southroyd children are being brought up with such a strong sense of social responsibility and justice and are being taught both at home and at school to have respect for all religions and cultures and to look after the world , for themselves and future generations."