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Southroyd Primary School

"Our vision is that our children leave Southroyd Primary School as Active Citizens- they have the skills, knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm they need to succeed and are ready for LIFE"

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Eco Club


The school eco-club enabled like minded children to talk about the things that we can do in school to be more green. The children began by making their own posters to share their thoughts with the rest of the school, including the teachers. They developed a monitoring system and began their visits in November. The club have been communicating with our partners in India to share their thoughts.

Isla designed this poster to address the amount of paper we use in school, and place this poster near the photocopiers



From: Bachpan High School Bachpan <>
Sent: 23 October 2019 06:30
To: David Manton <>
Subject: Reply: Eco Club


Dear Southroyd Friends,

We have received your message . As you told about your school's eco club that students are participating in that to maintain environment and save things.

 You told us that many people drop wastes, forget to turn the light and computer off and cut the trees.

In school we can educate to prevent such things. To save electricity we can use sensor for turning lights on or off and take advantage of natural sunlight. Bring our lunchbox to school packaged in reusable container instead of disposable one. We can put dustbin in every areas  so that people throw waste in it.

On the school, we can purchase and use school appliances made from re-cycled product. Save packaging coloured paper, cartons and other item for art and craft. Make poster to reminds student's what  can be recycled. Use paper on the both side. Reuse broken pencil or crayons. Plant more trees around your school to maintain environment.

Your faithfully

Ghataliya Vedant  Head Boy    

Ethan designed this poster because he felt so strongly about litter in and around school.




Eco-Club emailed our friends in Bachpan and were thrilled to share their ideas on what they are doing in India to reduce, reuse and recycle.



Molly is passionate about saving energy and wanted to place these posters around school to remind us to turn things off



From: Bachpan High School Bachpan <>
Sent: 23 October 2019 06:30
To: David Manton <>
Subject: Reply: Eco Club

Dear Southroyd Friends,

Read your mail . Thanks a lot . We also just thought and came up with some new inspirational ideas of protecting our environment.

Our environment is very important for us ."Cleanliness is Godliness". we will take some measure to prevent it.

  1. We can use bicycle for coming to school to save upon the fuel and avoid air pollution
  2. We can plant more a more trees for healthy and fresh air.
  3. Students can take part in competition like "BEST OUT OF WASTE"
  4. We can also encourage students to reduce the use of plastic ,by displaying some motivational slogans like " REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE", "DON'T LAMINATE THE EARTH"," DO SOMETHING DRASTIC, CUT THE PLASTIC"
  5. We will not misuse of electricity.
  6. We will take care of our school cleanliness.

    I think these steps will maintain clean environment . we  will try to stay in touch  and try to exchange our idea regarding our environment.

Yours faithfully

Shah Priyanshi

(Yellow House Captain)