Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School



At Southroyd we encourage good behaviour through a mixture of high expectation, a clear policy and our positive ethos that promotes mutual respect between pupils and between staff and pupils. Children understand our rules and routines and recognize the importance of their rights and responsibilities as Active Citizens to make Southroyd a happy and safe place to be.

  • We agreed these rules through school and class council: SO THAT WE CAN BE ROLE MODELS AND EMBRACE CHALLENGES WITH A BANANA SMILE!

"It was a pleasure for the assessors to encounter such confident, articulate, polite and happy children" Investors in Pupils Assessors, January 2019

"Pupils' behaviour is outstanding; they are very keen to work hard and to learn. Their conduct in lessons and around school is exemplary" Ofsted, June 2015

"They are exceptional polite and courteous to each other and to adults" Ofsted June 2015