Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School

This year we are introducing a new programme to the children called Zones Of Regulation. This is    designed to help children to develop their ability to recognise, communicate and self-regulate their emotions. The children learn that our emotions can be spilt into 4 coloured zones:

 Blue Zone:

Low state of alertness e.g. tired, sad, depressed.


Green Zone:

A good level of alertness e.g. happy, focused, calm


Yellow Zone:

A heightened level of alertness but still in control

e.g. excited, cross, nervous.


Red Zone:

A high level of alertness where we have lost control. E.g. angry, elated, terrified.

The children learn that no zone is ‘bad’ as all our feelings are valid, but we need to learn how to help ourselves in a constructive and positive way when in the yellow, blue or red zone so that we can return to green.


We call this a toolkit- for example we might go for a walk alone when we are angry because we can clear our heads and calm down.


We teach children that it is not how we feel that has consequences, both positive and negative, but how we behave.


Download a powerpoint for parents


Many classes have already begun these lessons, so may hear your child talking about being in a coloured zone.


It is a really effective programme and has been used to great success all ready with some of our children.


If you have any questions or would like any further details, then you can refer to the Powerpoint and the A4 Zones summary sheet, on the Learning Support Page of our school website, or talk to a member of staff.