Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School


Our children leave Southroyd Primary School as Active Citizens- they have the skills, knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm they need to succeed and are ready for LIFE not just high school

At Southroyd we firmly believe in our co-operative values:


SELF HELP - we try to directly improve our lives by being active citizens.


SELF RESPONSIBILITY - we aim to co-operate and all take our part in making things better.


DEMOCRACY - we believe that everyone should have a voice and share decision making.


EQUALITY - we believe that everyone should have equal opportunities.


EQUITY - we believe that everyone should be treated fairly.


SOLIDARITY - we strive to work together and stand as a team.

Our ethical values are:


OPENNESS - we want everyone to be open about things that affect us.


HONESTY - truth and honesty is a vital part of being able to trust everyone in our team.


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - we all have responsibility for others in our own and different communities. 


CARING FOR OTHERS - we believe in caring and looking after others.

Our learning behaviours are set through our SCAMP stickers. Children can earn SCAMP stickers for demonstrating the key learning behaviours of:








We expect our children to share our school's learning behaviours, to guide them through developing the cooperative values.