School Council this week fed back what equality looks like in Southroyd - and made some suggestions of how we can still improve.

2018-19 Council

School council were elected, following campaigns during September using posters, hustings and more. The new school council met for the first time in October to discuss meeting protocols and help drive school direction. Have a look at their minutes to find out more.


Over 110 children stood in the 2018 School Council elections, posting their thoughts in posters, hustings and more. The final selection of children chosen on voting day, October 5th 2018 were:

2S Lauren B, Henrikas M

2N Jessica M, Josh D

3H Jessica O, Max P

3T Amiee H, Charlie R

4S Scarlett P, Niko S

4B Lauren SJ, Jack VS

5P Holly D, David T

5N Ellie P, Dylan B

6D Jessica W, Bradley Y

6C Isla P, Jayden W

2018 Takeover Day

Successful Applicants 2018

Well done School Council for reading through over 100 applications for Takeover Day tasks, to select 30 children to take this year's jobs.

On the 23-30th November, children will take on a great variety of jobs in school. Well done to all!


Indigo helps children in Y2 in their maths olympics.

Grace leads the whole school Friday assembly in front of parents.

Ava and Eden were co-Headteachers for the day, working on the school newsletter, surveying some children's attitudes and also rewarding children here for their hard work.

Daniel worked with the lunch team to serve salads to the KS1 children at lunch time.

Anti-Bullying Week

School Council met this week to update the school's anti-bullying policy and redesigned the poster as shown below. This included a lot of suggestions for adjusting both the presentation and wording of the document. The children also decided to simplify the wording for the KS1 version of posters.


Southroyd Promise

School Council met in September to work together to define what the Southroyd Curriculum should look like from 2014. The Southroyd Promise answered the three questions:

What should Southroyd children expect from their learning?

What experiences are important to the Southroyd curriculum?

  • What trips or visits should be part of our curriculum?

The children came up with a list of features that they believed were important to the school curriculum. These views formed an important part of subsequent staff planning and governor meetings to ensure that the Southroyd Promise could be put into action.



School Council work with Mrs Clifford, the Chair of the Governing Body, to discuss safeguarding at school.

Class and School Council have finalised their suggested changes to the school's Internet Safety Posters - here are the latest versions from 2019, for KS2 (above) and KS1 (below)

School Council write a thankyou letter to Pudsey Borough who made a kind donation to our budget for gymnastics equipment.

Leeds Schools' Summit October 2018

School councillors represented Southroyd at the Schools's Summit at Leeds Civic Hall. The children had an opportunity to meet current Leeds council members in the council chambers and ask them about their role. At the same time, the children supported the council in how to allocate their budget for Children's activities within the West region.

United Nations Global Goals

The school council worked with Chitra, Chetna and Chaitali to think about the United Nations Global Goals and more that we can do to help sustain our amazing planet. The councillors fed back to class their findings and discussions had with our Indian partners.

Can we increase the amount of home reading that we do?

School Council met this week to talk about Read to Succeed and made suggestions about how we could improve reading at Southroyd. As part of a Lent challenge, we set ourselves the target to improve our own reading. We talked about the benefits of reading and how we could improve reading in school and in the wider community. See the minutes from the meeting dated 16.3.17 and then again 9th November 2017.

What is Equality? How can we be heroes of social justice in Southroyd?

As part of our half term focus on social justice and equality, in January 2017, we looked as a school at heroes like Martin Luther KIng and Malala Yousufzai, and their stance for equality. We asked class councils to rethink about how they can be "heroes of social justice" within Southroyd.


Stuart Andrew MP Visit to School Council

Stuart Andrew, the re-elected MP for Pudsey, came to meet with the outgoing school council to answer their questions on how Pudsey could be improved.

Last year's School Council had a chance to interview Stuart Andrew to find out more about working in Parliament and being our MP.