Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School

Early Years at Southroyd Primary


Sunflowers 2 year old provision  (open all year round 7.30 - 6pm)

Bluebells 3 and 4 year old provision  (open all year round 7.30 – 6pm)

Reception – Statutory school age children: 4 and 5 years  (term time only, school hours)


At Southroyd we aim to provide an engaging, stimulating and safe environment in which every child can learn through first-hand experience.  We know that during their earliest years, children form attitudes about learning that will last a lifetime – play and learning are the same thing for our youngest children! We know that we must provide the right sort of support and encouragement during these years so they will be creative and adventurous learners throughout their lives. We want adults to support and nurture the needs of our children through an environment that provides enough structure to challenge but allows their needs, talents and personal histories to guide their learning, so they are ready for the next stage of education and are on their way to loving learning – for life!



We will provide an environment where children develop the characteristics of learning they need to let them develop into active, life long learners.  The children will be fully engaged in their environment by playing and exploring. A balance of child led, shared adult and adult led play and learning ensures children reach their full potential. Children’s needs, interests and ideas inform the areas of provision and learning opportunities. We will ensure they have sufficient space, time and choices with a range of activities and experiences  to suit their current interests, talents, learning styles and stages of development.

We offer an engaging and creative curriculum which encourages independent thinking, enquiring minds and enjoyment for learning both inside and outdoors.
Our routines and areas of provision inside and outdoors encourage the children to develop their relationships with others (Making relationships, self-confidence and self-awareness, feelings and behaviour), their physical skills and their knowledge and skills in communication and language, literacy, maths, understanding the world and creative development.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, starting with a child led curriculum in Sunflowers and Bluebells leading to a child informed long-term plan of proposed topics (subject to change depending on the interests of the children!) in reception.

The development of communication and language is a focus from our 2-year olds onwards through effective modelling, a language rich environment and a promotion of the enjoyment of stories and talk. The curriculum ensures learning hooks into children’s interests, so it is engaging and relevant to them whilst also developing their curiosity through adult introduced opportunities and active learning.

The focus for learning in Sunflowers (2yr olds) is on the Prime Areas so that children settle, feel safe and enjoy being curious about play and learning. They will learn to communicate their needs with a focus on these areas.

The focus for Bluebells continues to be to develop spoken language and listening skills which the children can apply in wider contexts, more confidently and with a broader range of people.  They will develop both independence and the ability to manage themselves and their relationships.  A focus on quality stories and texts ensures children develop an early love of reading and skills to be ready for reception.

In Reception the children will refine their characteristics of learning they need to confidently access and direct play-based learning. With a continued focus on spoken language, they will progressively engage with more demanding activities and teaching so they begin to see themselves as talkers, readers, writers and mathematicians. Whist sustaining the child led focus the aim is to ensure children are ready for the next stage of their education having reached the early learning goals and developed an appetite and enthusiasm for learning. As children start their journey in formal education, we begin to develop and nurture strong, positive attitudes where they become proud and respectful of themselves, others and their environment.

Parents are valued as the first educators of their children and we work closely with families to ensure the best outcomes for all our children. Through daily contact, curriculum meetings, open community events, Tapestry assessment updates and written reports, we will share your child’s social and academic progress and achievements regularly. Our continued partnership will ensure your child’s success and happiness in school.

Reception Forest School

Reception release the butterflies they'd seen growing from chrysalises

Children excited about sending their letters to Santa!

Children making use of the school grounds to explore the Autumn 2021 apple harvest.

What is the EYFS Framework

Every child deserves the best possible start in life to fulfil their potential. A secure and happy childhood is vitally important with a high quality early education combined with good parenting to enable a child to make the best of their abilities growing up. The EYFS Framework is designed to provide a framework which ensures the optimum learning environment for all our Under 5s. The following sections detail a little more about the provision at Southroyd Primary School.

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