Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School


"Our vision is that our children leave Southroyd Primary School as Active Citizens- they have the skills, knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm they need to succeed and are ready for LIFE"



We are a friendly and approachable school where children are at the centre of all that we do. Their well being and educational needs are met by all staff. The children are respected and have a voice within this hardworking, safe environment. We have strong links with families and the community and all children and staff are proud to be part of the school. We offer high quality educational provision from the age of 2 until 11.


Our school is a safe and stimulating place where expectations of children are high. Children enjoy their learning, feel pride in their own achievement and are able to encourage and assist others.

The staff promote positive attitudes to every member of our school community and demonstrate these attitudes in their relationships with the children and each other. Our school is inclusive, serving the needs of all children and our provision is available to all families in our neighbourhood.

 We provide a high quality learning environment where children respect each other’s possessions, co-operate in the maintenance of well organised classrooms and care for the school’s outdoor facilities. To promote interest and enjoyment, we provide teaching and learning in real and relevant contexts.

Our Route to Readiness charts how we nurture our children into Active Citizens ready to make the most of life.


Our mission is to prepare our children for the challenges and opportunities of life at High school and beyond. We use the model above to prepare our children on that "route to readiness" before they leave as Active Citizens.

We prepare our children for Global citizenship by working with Bachpan, our partner school in Gujarat. Our children, through Investors in Pupils and the School Council have a real voice in the affairs of the school and their views influence decisions made on their behalf. Everyone in our school is encouraged to be an ‘Active Citizen’ - whatever their age!

We were recently re-accredited with Investors in Pupils in January 2019 and awarded the International Schools Award in 2021.