Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School

Physical Education at Southroyd Primary and Nursery School


Our school vision for PE and Sport is:

"To provide opportunities for all children to enjoy and experience a range of daily physical activity, high quality PE lessons and school sport."


At Southroyd, we believe that physical activity and education contributes to optimum behaviour, physical fitness and emotional well-being which assists pupils in reaching their learning potential.

We aim to deliver high quality PE through a range of sporting activities and opportunities for our children.

Our bespoke curriculum allows staff to adapt and alter their planning to the needs of the children in their class.

Through our high quality PE curriculum we intend to make sure all pupils:

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.
  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time. 
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities. 
  • Lead healthy, active lives. 


At Southroyd Primary we aim to develop confident, self-assured and physically literate pupils who enjoy a range of P.E. and sporting provision, matched to their needs.

We believe that the Fundamental Movement Skills (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination) are key to children being able to engage with and enjoy PE, Sport and Physical Activity. Once children are physically confident and have experienced PE in a fun/ engaging manner, then we actively encourage children to begin to compete in sports and activities. At Southroyd, we have a commitment to engage our children in as many outside sporting opportunities and events as possible. This is with the aim to inspire pupils further so they engage in physical activity to lead healthy lives.


Our broad and balanced PE curriculum also encourages teachers to consider key skills, concepts and behaviours expected in the KS2 Physical Education curriculum:

The Psychomotor Domain – the doing physical being (Physical competence, growth and competitive).

Cognitive Domain – the thinking physical being (Decision making, confident, tactician, creativity, resilience and independent.

The Affective Domain – the feeling physical being: (involvement, engagement, motivation, honesty, fair play, teamwork, communication, leadership, predict and judge outcomes).

We believe that this is essential for helping our pupils understand their body and how through the physical they can
develop their social skills, thinking skills and emotional skills and learn how to apply them and transfer them to different life situations. Creating well rounded active citizens.


Sporting Opportunities

At Southroyd, the profile of PE and sport is one of our top priorities. 

Our children are exposed to a great range of sporting opportunities, competitions and world class sporting events.



Check to see what PE sessions your child will be taking part in over the 22/23 academic year.

Below are the progression documents for Summer term.

 KS1 - Athletics - Progression Doc.docxDownload
 KS1 - Multiskills - Progression Doc.docxDownload
 KS2 - Athletics - Progression Doc.docxDownload
 KS2 -OAA - Progression Doc.docxDownload
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Spirit Alive


As always, we are excited for Year 6 to run our annual Spirit Alive event!

KS1 - Tuesday 11th July

KS2 - Wednesday 12th July


We are extremely proud of our sport at Southroyd Primary School and we are delighted to have been awarded a Platinum School Games Mark!

This reflects the importance we place on P.E and physical activity within the curriculum. 

Click the link below to view the criteria for the Platinum award:

Platinum Award

Before and after school clubs:


This year we have also run a range of sporting clubs:


  • Football
  • Yoga/ Mindfulness
  • Athletics - KS1/ KS2
  • Gymnastics
  • Netball
  • Sporting Superstars Club.
  • Forest School
  • Cricket
  • Mini PE
  • Cup-stacking 

Please look out for these in the newsletter.

Sports Leaders

We also have an amazing sports Leader programme, at Southroyd Primary School.

Each year, we actively train a large number of pupils to deliver a range of physical activity and sport on the playground.


Leeds Well | Leeds Well Schools Partnership

A city wide offer with a localised approach. Each group of local, likeminded schools work together to promote and develop, through collaboration and partnership, a sustainable system for well-being, including physical activity, PE and sport, that enriches and makes a real difference.


 The Leeds Rhinos

The Rhinos foundation is an invaluable partner, linking schools together and facilitating provision for a variety of sporting tournaments and competitions between schools. Watch out for ticket offers in the weekly newsletter!

Leeds Rhinos - Wikipedia


Yorkshire Sport Foundation

Logo, branding and accessibility | Yorkshire Sport

We are actively working with the Yorkshire Sport Foundation Creating an Active School Framework. This will further embed physical activity at the heart of our ethos. 

Leeds Beckett

Leeds Beckett University | University Info | 209 Masters in English -

This year, our Year 5 pupils were part of a international research study called MOGBA (Movement Of Games Based Orientation). This was to increase pupil's complex movement skills over a 12 week period to see what impact it had on their physical activity levels.



We are working alongside MVMNT to help support our 32 sports leaders and lunchtime staff to ensure all pupils are active during lunch and playtimes. We also aim to ensure that all pupils have access a range of equipment and physical activity/ sporting opportunity.


Next Generation

Next gen

Next Generation provides coaching for PE sessions during the school day. They also offers a range of sporting clubs throughout the year.


Home tasks


Attached below are documents that you can use at home to develop locomotive and manipulative skills

Locomotive - movement.

Manipulative - ability to handle an object or piece of equipment with control.


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