Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School

Leeds Children's Mayor

Charlie Readman in Y5 is standing for the Leeds Children's Mayor! 

Let's stand behind him and make sure we vote together to give him a chance to represent the local area in Leeds.

Here's Charlie's manifesto:

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds I would organise an annual inter school exercise, sports, activities and healthy eating event to promote wellbeing through exercise and good food.

I would arrange and help set up the event in a park or large open space such as Horsforth Park or Queens Park. I would invite local healthy food and drink businesses to come and offer everyone to try brand new foods and drinks.

I would try to get local PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to teach fun, engaging and enjoyable activities.

This could change many children’s opinions on sports and make them want to continue to exercise and try new things. 

My idea will hopefully help to reduce obesity and mental health / wellbeing across the schools in the area and encourage children of all abilities to participate and enjoy sports and exercise.

This will also show children how delicious healthy food can be and persuade them to make better choices of what they eat. Local businesses will also benefit as children and their families will recommend others around the area who may have never heard of the business to try their food and drink.

The whole event will also be climate change friendly as different bins for different items will be provided to recycle as well as paper straws and packaging at every stall.    

Other children could help with my manifesto by promoting my idea within their schools and possibly I could ask volunteer students from Universities who are studying sports and PE to help out and run various sessions on various sports and activities.

Maybe I could also form multiple groups in different locations to organise events around the city making it accessible for all.