Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School

Leeds Children's Mayor


Lauren Bayly in Y5 is standing for the Leeds Children's Mayor! 

Let's stand behind her and make sure we vote together to give her a chance to represent the local area in Leeds.

Here's Lauren's manifesto idea:

'Create a citywide uniform exchange to help with t'he cost of living crisis


"I would like to promote the uniform exchange projects across Leeds. As the price of living is rising, many parents/carers are struggling. By every area having a uniform exchange project it will lift the financial pressure off guardians.

Many children could be suffering with bullying as they may not have suitable, comfortable, clean clothing. Together we can ensure no children are going through this situation.


Every area in Leeds should be assigned a uniform exchange project. Uniforms that children no longer need will be re-used and given to those in need. Every child has the right to comfortable clothing."