Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School


Pudsey Carnival

Well done to the whole school community, and FOSS, for working together to make a fantastic float for the Pudsey Carnival, May 2015. The theme was Pudsey's Got Talent and the float was a credit to the great diversity of talent and creativity within the Southroyd family!

Children dressed up to reflect their special talents, or helped cover the float in photographs of themselves achieving. There were all of the following on display: tennis, netball, gymnastics, swimming, diving, go karting, music, dance, football – and all the stars of the future.

The float also showed  the talent of Pudsey present and past,  and there was a  quiz to go along with the float, to see if you could spot: the designer of Capitol Hill/Whitehouse, Len Hutton, Ray Illingworth, Matthew Hoggard, Herbert Sutcliffe, Pudsey Bear, Coronation Street and the Rhubarb Triangle. Dowload the quiz here to see what you know about Pudsey!

Pudsey Quiz