Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School


Friday 16th February 2018

Posted: Feb 16, 2018 by: India Visitor (e.mathie) on: India Blog 2018

Today was ‘Sports assembly’ – and what a fantastic display of gymnastics, yoga, dancing and teamwork it was ! They have a new PE uniform so that they wear a coloured t shirt according to their allocated house team – red, blue, green or yellow. They used the colours to good effect in their formations – it was a bit like the opening ceremony at the Olympics ! The children all learn yoga here – in fact the school has to join in ‘National Yoga Day’ annually – and it means their flexibility is excellent and put to good use in gymnastics and acrobatic activity.

Today Eve taught some year 5 children about the parts of a circle and how to make patterns using a compass - just like our year 6 did at Christmas. Mrs Mathie did some final sessions of Tagtivate and Miss Prior did 2 more history lessons. We then did songs and stories with year 1 – who absolutely loved helping Eve ( the ghost) ‘Wake up Lydia Lou’ and learning our very own ‘Wind the Bobbin up.’ We visited the tiny children in Nursery who were all very brave and tried not to be frightened of us - although a few were ! We look very different to them, but after a while they were showing us their toys and coming to say hello .

Tonight we have a ‘Mixed Pot’ at Meena’s house, when the teachers will be coming over for the evening and bringing a dish of food they have made for us to try . The food has been absolutely delicious and we have had something different every day – Eve is a fabulous Indian food eater and I think they are enjoying trying as many things as they can out on her. Although yesterday she accidentally had a VERY hot green chilli and her whole head went scarlet – I think they were worried they’d broken her for a minute ! You will be glad to know she recovered………………to continue eating!


Kai M. Feb 15, 2019

That writing is out of this world

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that is a amazing post