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Tuesday 13th February 2018

Posted: Feb 13, 2018 by: India Visitor (e.mathie) on: India Blog 2018

Today is Maha Shivrati ( the Great Night of Shiva ) which is the main festival of Lord Shiva and therefore a national holiday. It is a lucky day and so there are lots of weddings and people do things today that they want to be blessed with good luck – like opening a new business. A local shop is all decorated up and they are having a party for their first day of opening today. Tonight is Gurba night so we will be having a party of our own!

As it is a national holiday Bachpan is closed for classes – but instead it is open for a special event: a Science and Art fair. The children prepared science projects ( like learning logs) and Art works to exhibit and all the parents and local community were invited to come and see. It was very busy – at least 200 exhibits . It took us 3 hours to walk around and see - and we still couldn’t do everything! There was lots of wow science on show – one of the most dramatic was the potato gun which was fired very loudly from the roof across the neighbouring streets and I am fairly sure has caused some damage half a mile away as a large potato landed ( I hope not on someone’s head). There were lots of exhibits of the digestive system ( just like year 4 do) and exploding volcanoes ( just like year 3). The art work was, as usual, of a very high standard. The children spend a lot of time on craft and it shows as they are experts with modelling, drawing and creating beautiful objects. The origami on display was awesome ! We have asked for a lesson on making pop up flowers so we can teach you and you can use them in your own celebration cards.

Tonight is Gurba night so we have come home to try on some outfits …… and rest !


India Feb 15, 2018

Well Lauren , they would love to have you. All Southroyd families are welcome to visit Bachpan if they want to arrange a trip !

India Feb 15, 2018

Hello Kasey, in the morning it is cool but in the afternoon it gets very hot and sunny reaching temperatures of about 32 degrees. It is getting hotter everyday and is predicted to be 37 degrees by early next week. There are so many names to remember but here are a few - Khusi, Ducie, Daria, Shoha,,Devanhsi, Ayushi.

Lauren S. Feb 14, 2018

Hey it's Lauren Szajko-james from year 3 hawking.Hope that you are having fun! I would like to come you know!

Kasey Feb 13, 2018

Hi it’s kasey from year 6 churchill I wondered what the weather is like in India and what the children’s names are Thank you