Pupil Premium Spending

 Guidance for Early Years

At our school the pupil premium for 2016-17   is   £161,020

                                                         2015-16 was £129,780 


What is it for?


We have been allocated this money to raise standards of achievement for pupils of low income families, service children, those in the care of the local authority and adopted children. We aim to improve the life chances and learning opportunities of pupil premium children.


We also recognise that not all pupils who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for free school meals. We will also allocate Pupil Premium funding to support any pupil the school has legitimately identified as being socially disadvantaged and/or is vulnerable.


For more on our policy for allocating Pupil Premium funding, see the school Charging Policy on the website Policies section.


How do we use it?


We spend the money on resources and support that help children with financial or social disadvantage to:


  • Improve attainment rates and levels of progress
  • Close the attainment gap relative to school averages for non – FSM and non - CLA
  • Have full access to curricular and extra-curricular activities that they might not usually access to broaden the horizons for these children.

Specific planned PP spend 2016 – 17


£ 36,000                on providing additional, targeted reading and literacy support in  KS1

£ 4500                   on providing additional key skills support in EYFS

£30,409                 on 121 ks2 tuition and small groups support

£ 2000                   on 121 maths tuition – home based

£4500                    on Tutor Trust Tuition for 16 children

£ 500                     on reading friends support for targeted children and encouraging book ownership

£42,370                 on teaching assistant support 

£ 200                     on attendance initiatives and intervention

£1200                    on iPads for targeted children

£6000                    on trips/residential subsidies or payment

£ 3000                   on music tuition

£ 2000                   on providing subsidies or payment for out of school activities, life enriching opportunities                               (scouts, lessons, wrap around care etc)

£4500                    on providing learning mentor support for families and children during school holidays. 

£ 5000                   on providing nurture groups and therapeutic behaviour input  

£600                      on providing training for ensuring increased positive outcomes for PP children

£2634                    on providing leadership time and cover for pp- x 1 day per half term 

£1000                    on SATs/homework club ks2

£1100                    on breakfast clubs ks1

£300                      on holiday learning packs

£200                      on cooking curriculum

£ 7,000                  on speech and language support and training ks1 and targeted pupils



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