Fair isn't everybody getting the same . Fair is everybody getting what they need

As a co-operative school equality is one of our key values. You can find out more from referring to this link or reading on some of the details of our Equality Policy.


We are a co-operative school and equality and equity are 2 of our stated values that underpin all aspects of school life for adults and children alike. We believe in every child performing to their full potential and strongly believe that pupils should take an active role in a relevant and real curriculum, with meaningful and continuous involvement in school council and decision making within the school.







We asked our Class Councils to discuss what equality means to them. This followed a half term focus on different aspects of equality, looking at heroes of justice like Martin Luther King, Mohatmas Gandhi, Malala Yousufzai and more. At Southroyd we make sure that we use current world events to promote equality, such as the Paralympics, with children developing these ideas about how they can become "heroes of justice".


Autism Week

For Autism Week, we have shared pen portraits of 3 Autism Heroes:

Jessica Jane Applegate

Kieran Henderson

Satoshi Tajiri