Daily Mile


"At first I felt tired – I kind of wanted to do it, but kind of didn’t"

"I liked getting my heart pumping and it made me feel awake for the rest of the day"


"At first, I didn’t like it because I got out of breath. Now I hardly get out of breath at all."

"I enjoy it more because it has made me fitter and I understand why we do it."

"I have gone from completing 3 laps in the time, to 7 laps. If we do it in the afternoon, it helps me concentrate more."

The Daily Mile is an opportunity each day for our children to raise their heart rates and take part in class based activity. Each class will walk, jog or run around the heartline around the playground. It may be a great opportunity for quiet, a nice opportunity for a chat or a perfect time for children to discuss a question related to their learning. The 15 or so minutes, dedicated by each class contributes to the model of 30:30 in school. It is helping children to understand why it is important to stay fit and healthy in the modern world, as well as helping them to experience first hand the benefits of doing so, which will embed life long habits, helping them to live longer and happier lives! Since we began in September, our Year 6 for example noted the impact on their year group's stamina in a separate local walk.

In the event of really poor weather, our classes make use of online shared activities instead, whether it is GoNoodle of 5aDay to raise their activity levels, but we encourage our classes to get their coats on and get outside whenever they can!