Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School

Welcome to Pudsey Children’s Centre


 To ensure that all children, Parents and Visitors have an enjoyable and safe stay at Pudsey Children’s Centre, we would ask that you just take a few minutes to read our house keeping guidelines below.


All Visitors/ facilitators of groups MUST Book in on the electronic booking system at the Children’s Centre or main school office and display their visitors badge on their person.


All group attendees MUST sign in on the group register - both parent and child/ren details.


Mobile Phones

  • Visitors accessing Southroyd Early Years will be required to leave their mobile phone in the designated secure storage area.
  • The use of mobile phones to take calls, text, play music, show or take photos is not allowed in the Children’s Centre community cabin and Southroyd Early Years.
  • Phones must be switched off/ on silent during children centre session that you are attending/ whilst dropping your child in the Early Years settings.
  • Early Years/Children’s Centre staff do not have mobile phones on their person whilst facilitating groups and sessions. All Staff mobile phones are stored in the designated secure storage area.


Fire procedure

  • Unless stated by your group facilitator/ person you are visiting, we are not expecting a fire alarm today.
  • In the case of fire, please leave the building through the nearest exit and make your way to lower school playground and wait by the wooden bandstand. 
  • If your child is in a crèche in the Early Years main building – please do not attempt to go into the main building to collect them. Members of the staff team will ensure that your child is brought to the wooden bandstand meeting area.


Toilet facilities

Toilet facilities are based :Children's Centre/ Southroyd Early Years - main corridor Community cabin - door labelled bathroom.


Warm drinks

To ensure the safety of all the children attending groups, warm drinks are not allowed in the community cabin or Early Years setting when children are in attendance.


Breast Feeding

As part of our breast feeding friendly policy, please feel free to breast feed during sessions in the community cabin. Alternatively if you would prefer a private space to breast feed your child, please see the facilitator of your group.



If you are concerned about a child, group facilitator, someone you know or yourself, please speak where appropriate to facilitator of the group or ask to speak to the children’s Centre Manager - Sue Broadhurst.


Designated Safeguarding leaders at Southroyd:

  • Sue Broadhurst - Childrens Centre Manager
  • Jo Martin - LearningMentor.Southroyd Primary School
  • Kate Prior - Head Teacher - Southroyd Primary
  • Megan Woad - Designated teaching assistant Southroyd primary school


First Aid/accidents

  • If you or your child has an accident on the Children's Centre/ Southroyd Early Years Site, an accident report must be completed.
  • First aid boxes are located in: Southroyd Early Years.
  • Waist bags: Sunflower kitchen area/ Children's Centre Office / Community Cabin kitchen top.


First Aiders are available in Southroyd Primary/ Pudsey Childrens Centre.

Louise Graham

Dani Bean

Emma Bailey

Joanne Rice

Lisa Horner


Dawn Johnson

Sharon Walker-Bonass

Wendy Worsnop

Jo Martin


Compliments and complaints

Please feel free to record your comments about your experience at Pudsey Children's Centre and the service that you have received and how they can be improved.


Parent and visitor comment books are in all group sessions to access. If you have a complaint about the service or experience that you have received at Pudsey Children’s Centre, please see the facilitator of the session or Sue Broadhurst - Children's Centre Manager.


If you do not feel that your complaint has then been dealt with, please ask for a copy of our complaints procedure.


We hope that you have enjoyed your time at Pudsey Children’s Centre today.