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Five People Who Changed The World


World Changers Launch

On Martin Luther King's birthdate (Jan 15th) we have launched an exciting ISA project in school to vote for the 5 inspirational people who have changed the World. 

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Dear Friends at Bachpan, 
Happy New Year! We can't believe its 2020 - are you enjoying it so far?
Although we are very sad that we can't see anyone from Bachpan this year we still wanted to find out more about your New Year.
Do you all spend New Year's Eve with family or friends? In the UK we all count down to midnight and often set off fireworks..... although Gethin says he often struggles to stay awake anywhere near the time.
Our school councillors say that they often play games to pass the time to new year - what happens in India at a typical New Years' Eve party?
Have you made any resolutions for 2020? Lucy says she is going to pay more attention to her pets and Emily says she is going to try really hard to get up earlier every day. We often make new year resolutions but don't always keep them!
Does that happen in India too?
We are now busy with the new term and excited to share our first project with you. We are just starting to think about which people have made the biggest difference to improving our planet. Some of us suggested Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein! We look forward to finding out who you suggest.
We are going to talk about this for the next few weeks and vote our top 5 by about February 20th. We hope you can keep in touch!
From the Southroyd School Council

School Council sent this email to Bachpan in the New Year. We are going to spend this half term finding out - who has made the biggest contribution to improving our World?


We are going to share assemblies, Big Talk and class discussions before we share our thoughts and nominations with School Council.

School Council will produce a short list and then invite all Southroyd children and families to take part in a vote for their World Changer.


Do you think we will get the same list of 5 people from Bachpan?