Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School

Working Together Against Climate Change

In assembly, children are made aware of this year's project on climate change and working with our friends in Bachpan to do what we can to reduce our effects on the World we live in.

Southroyd are represented at the Leeds Eco Summit in September, held by MP Stuart Andrew.

Communication between Southroyd and Bachpan allows the children to share their ideas and thoughts on reducing climate change.

Message to India - October 2019
Dear Friends in Bachpan, 
We are some children from Southroyd, who are part of our school Eco-Club. We joined because we are interested in the environment and want to help save it. We feel that some people are very lazy and drop litter or forget to turn lights and computers off.
We also don't like to see in the news the film of deforestation and the loss of animal habitats. There is a lot we think people can do to help.
In school we work together to clean up litter and also have made posters to remind people not to throw litter. We try and remind each-other to turn off all the lights and computers when they are not needed - but sometimes people forget, so we keep trying to remind them by leaving lots of notes in key places around the rooms. 
At school we also recycle paper, pens, milk cartons and even batteries and we would like to know if you do anything similar - or even more!
We have also tried to plant more trees and bushes which we think is important and take part in Walk to School Week where we remind ourselves to use our cars less.
Please reply to us to share your ideas about what you do to look after our World - 
Kind regards,
Southroyd Eco-Club

Listen to Connor, Rhys and Niko's Y5 Podcasts about Climate Change

Children from Bachpan share a lot of their ideas for saving energy which they have used around school in Gujarat.

Reply from Bachpan - October 2019

From: Bachpan High School Bachpan <>
Sent: 23 October 2019 06:30
To: David Manton <>
Subject: Reply: Eco Club

Dear Southroyd Friends,

We have received your message . As you told about your school's eco club that students are participating in that to maintain environment and save things.

 You told us that many people drop wastes, forget to turn the light and computer off and cut the trees.

In school we can educate to prevent such things. To save electricity we can use sensor for turning lights on or off and take advantage of natural sunlight. Bring our lunchbox to school packaged in reusable container instead of disposable one. We can put dustbin in every areas  so that people throw waste in it.

On the school, we can purchase and use school appliances made from re-cycled product. Save packaging coloured paper, cartons and other item for art and craft. Make poster to reminds student's what  can be recycled. Use paper on the both side. Reuse broken pencil or crayons. Plant more trees around your school to maintain environment.

Your faithfully

Ghataliya Vedant

Head Boy

Children in Y4 talk about Climate Change and how we have impacted the changes we are seeing in the World's weather.

Children in Y3 write diary entries as environmental campaigner, Chico Mendes to help protect the Amazon rainforest.

The year group also studied the importance of the World's rainforests in restoring the climatic balance on the planet.

Earth Day April 22nd 2020

Despite Coronavirus lockdown, the children remembered Earth Day with the school home learning pages leading a lot of activities linked to Earth Day.

This is Dylan's Earth Day video shared with everyone from is home learning.

In an after school club the "Eco-Team" developed some posters to share around school.

Reply from Bachpan - October 2019


Hello Southroyd's Eco-club's Team,

      It was a pleasure reading your email and trust me we too feel the same about the environment. It was great to know about the initiatives you've taken. Bach[pan too has launched the "Plantation App" and distributed free plants among the students. As and when we plant them, we post it in the app. It's fun and in the process lots of trees got planted which is a big necessity.

     We also have a "Walk to School" on every 17 of December which is Sanjay Sir's birthday(the great environmentalist and our biggest motivator). In the process, we avoid using cars, autos, scooters and save fuel.

     Recently we had an essay competition organized by the government with the title "Plastic waste free India". Many children participated in this event. So we got different individuals' views on how to say "NO TO PLASTIC".

      I also totally agree on how lazy and careless we are about not switching off the electricity. We will surely borrow the ideas you emphasized of leaving notes in key places like Computer Labs and Audio Visual Room, Assembly Hall, etc so the environment awareness spreads.

Kind regards,


Mehta Anvesha

(Head Girl)

Zachary in Y3 spent a lot of time at home with his family, to make a fantastic Greta Thunberg poster to show his class.