Southroyd Primary School

Southroyd Primary School



The admission round for children wishing to start Reception in September 2021 opened on 1st  November and families can make applications online closing on midnight on 15th January 2021.    


Where can I find useful information for parents?

You can find information about schools, previous years allocation data, catchment maps and links to school admission policies on the ‘find more information about a school’ page on the admissions website  

You can find out more on the website

·including an address lookup tool  - for families to check if their address has any priority, but not all addresses will have such priority.

There is also the link to the online application form 

Families are please reminded to  

  • use all 5 preferences, using only use 1 or 2 preferences decreases the chances of being offered a place at a preferred school;
  • 1st preference first isn’t allowed, -  schools don’t know the preference order families provide;
  • any supplementary information needs to be provided by the closing date  (this applies if a child is previously looked after, is seeking admission under exceptional needs or if a family wish to apply for their child to be admitted out of chronological age group)
  • use the child’s actual permanent address. Using that of a friend, relatives, childminder  or renting a property to gain a school place are all considered fraud and places can be withdrawn.