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23 Jul Well done to all those children who attempted roller skating for the first time today! We wish all our Southroyd fa…

20 Jul A massive thankyou to Donna Iliffe-Pollard who presented some of our budding writers with their Ghost Stories books…

17 Jul Huge thanks to Chris from Brittenden, who led a fantastic project with our Y6 children, learning the skills of SLR…

16 Jul England face Brazil in Friday's Southroyd World Cup final. Well done to the ten unlucky teams who didn't make it to the final.

16 Jul Well done to our Year 3 clarinets and KS1/KS2 recorders groups who performed in assemblies Friday and today.

11 Jul Friday is England's World Cup semi-final with Sweden, at Southroyd. Argentina take on Brazil for the other final spot on Thursday.

11 Jul Lots of really positive comments for our wonderful Year 6 who planned and conducted a fantastic couple of days of S…

8 Jul Thanks to our amazing FOSS and all of our Southroyd family who helped make a fantastic Summer fair! We hope you made lots of memories!

5 Jul RT @skippingschool1: Well done to all the Year 4 Leeds City Finalists who competed yesterday! You were all AMAZING!! ⭐️😊💫@austhorpeschool @…

5 Jul Brazil, Argentina and Sweden make it through to the Southroyd World Cup Semi-finals. The last place is on offer tom…

29 Jun RT @SaferRoadsLeeds: @FarfieldPrimary have a big welcome ready for the arrival of the baton from #Pudsey @Southroyd, who will be carrying t…

28 Jun RT @SaferRoadsLeeds: The #SYT2018 finally comes to #Leeds tomorrow. The schools #cycling are @ChurwellPrimary @AsquithPrimary @GildersomeP…

27 Jun The second round matches of the Southroyd lunchtime World Cup begin tomorrow with Brazil v Serbia.

27 Jun Well done to our Year 2 who were complimented by the guides at Skipton Castle for their excellent behaviour, wonder…

25 Jun Our Big Talk topic this week is, why is community so important to us? In assembly we talked about the fantastic Sum…

17 Jun It’s Refugee Week in school and our Big Talk topic linked to ask the question, “how could we support refugees in need?”

14 Jun A huge thankyou to Crawshaw's Medusa Dance company who came in and performed to our Southroyd children this morning.

14 Jun Well done to the Girls Tag Rugby teams who took part in the Tag Rugby competition at Crawshaw this afternoon. A gre…

13 Jun Well done to the school U11 Cricketers who came 8th overall in Leeds, performing really well at Weetwood today. Southroyd is very proud!

10 Jun RT @SaferRoadsLeeds: Lets look back over the first week of the Schools Yorkshire Tour and see how fantastic the children have been riding t…

10 Jun This week’s Big Talk asks the question, how can we keep safe in the sun?

8 Jun RT @skippingschool1: Congratulations to @southroyd on winning the Year 4 festival this morning. See you all at the Leeds City Final in July…

6 Jun Thankyou to parents who have already visited school and shared their experiences of knowing a foreign language, this week.

6 Jun The Southroyd World Cup competition began today, with Mexico and Brazil gaining early victories. Still a long way to go!

3 Jun The KS2 Soccer World Cup finals begin in Southroyd this week, with 12 teams and 100 children taking part over the next 3 weeks.

3 Jun Big Talk this week asks the question, how could learning another language help us?

26 May RT @SaferRoadsLeeds: 11 Days to go to the #SYT2018 Children and young people from over 160 schools across Yorkshire will be taking part in…

25 May Update from Reception - they are all busy and well at Harlow Carr!

25 May Reception arrived safely at Harlow Carr and are enjoying their walks around.

21 May RT @LeedsSLS: Books read,kids voted,ceremony planned 😬Winner #LeedsBA18 9-11 announced tomorrow 11am 🎉@stephanieburgis @emmac2603 @MaryAlic…

21 May RT @SaferRoadsLeeds: in 19 Days The Schools Yorkshire Tour starts in Pickering North Yorkshire, making its way across 12 Local Authority ar…

21 May Southroyd are looking forward to taking their part in this year's School Yorkshire Tour!

18 May Year 6 enjoyed their well earned trip to Pudsey Park today - a well done for being so hard working and resilient during their SATs.

16 May Year 1 spent a very enjoyable day at Tropical World today.

15 May RT @SaferRoadsLeeds: These schools are #cycling in the first stage of the #Leeds leg of the #SYT2018 on the 29th June. Let us know how you…

12 May RT @CityConnect1: It’s @livingstreets #NationalWalkingMonth #Walking isn’t just good for your body it’s good for your mind too-here are our…

10 May Year 5 spent their first day on the Grinton Lodge residential today, with a big hike tomorrow.

3 May KS1 and KS2 assemblies focused on the important rules for Road Safety this week, coinciding with the Bank holiday w…

29 Apr RT @SaferRoadsLeeds: The Tour de Yorkshire – everything you need to know before the race arrives in Leeds next week…

27 Apr Next week with Le Tour de Yorkshire, and building on our Bikeability work we will be talking more about road safety…

26 Apr RT @Webwise_Ireland: Our Parents Guide to a Better Internet is available #free to download here: Make sure you hav…

26 Apr Thanks to School Council who fed back some "hits" and "misses" about our school, just as parents did in the recent questionnaire.

24 Apr RT @SaferRoadsLeeds: Discover the delights of cycling in Leeds through a new interactive cycle map for West Yorkshire. Take a look and plan…

23 Apr Assembly focused on the Big Talk question, who is St George? What can we learn about never giving up and showing co…

18 Apr In Big Talk this week we have been thinking about what makes a good friend. We will continue to talk about the them…

30 Mar Well done to all of Year 4 for their efforts, resilience and determination to take such a whole hearted part in all…

22 Mar On Friday at 2pm, its Southroyd Earth Hour - children will have to learn without using electricity! No white boards…

18 Mar This week is Parents' Evening week - Sue Clifford, Chair of Governors, will be available in the hall on Wednesday e…

17 Mar Big Talk: Next week is climate change week and we would like to ask the children, ‘What is global warming? And, wha…

11 Mar Children will be learning all about A Midsummer Night's Dream this week.

11 Mar Big Talk: Its Shakespeare Week this week and our Big Talk topic question, is why do we still remember William Shakespeare?

9 Mar RT @WhiteRoseMaths: 🔷 Here’s your KS1 problems for Friday 9th March

9 Mar RT @WhiteRoseMaths: 🔸 Here’s your KS2 problems for Friday 9th March

5 Mar Big Talk - Equality - can we all be who / what we want to be? We will look at the inspiration of the Paralympics as…

1 Mar Thank you to all the children who came in their World Book Day outfits today. We shared so much rich vocabulary as a result.

1 Mar RT @WhiteRoseMaths: We are SO EXCITED to post our first problems of the day for March 2018! Here’s KS1 ⭐️ Get problem solving!…

1 Mar RT @WhiteRoseMaths: We are SO EXCITED to post our first problems of the day for March 2018! Here’s KS2 ⭐️ Get problem solving!…

26 Feb With World Book Day on Thursday, we will be talking about how we can improve and enrich our vocabularies as our Big…

18 Feb Big Talk this week focuses on being a Top Talker and getting the children to think about the importance of spoken l…

9 Feb Following their day in Whitby, Year 6 are enjoying the Cloughton village trail this morning before heading back to Pudsey this afternoon.

8 Feb Miss Prior, Mrs Mathie, Yvie and Eve leave for India tomorrow. Remember you can follow them on their blog from Bachpan!

7 Feb Year 6 are settling into Cober Hill for the first night of their residential.

4 Feb RT @safeinternetday: #SID2018 #TopTips: Struggling to keep up with all the latest #apps and online platforms your kids use? Check out the G…

3 Feb 2Nightingale enjoyed their Autumn attendance prize trip to the ice skating rink.

30 Jan RT @safeinternetday: Give us a hand to spread the word about #SaferinternetDay! Download social media plans, visuals and gifs on https://t.…

30 Jan Ks2 talked about the importance of Holocaust Survivors Day remembered this week.

24 Jan Safer Internet Day is coming soon. We are currently surveying our children's habits about their internet use and be…

22 Jan Big Talk is a great time to discuss the similarities and differences between life in Pudsey and life in Gujarat. We…

22 Jan We have begun talking about our half term visit to Bachpan, in Big Talk this week. Miss Prior and Mrs Mathie will b…

18 Jan Well done Year 5 for the great discussions about robotics and technology of the future. Robi the NAU robot was a we…

16 Jan KS2 met Robi the NAU robot today to think more about the ways that Robotics will transform our lives and futures.

15 Jan Big Talk: We began our Big Talk focus on technology in assembly today, thinking about what a difference technology…

8 Jan We have been talking about the importance of making smart New Year's resolutions in Big Talk. The children also kno…

8 Jan Happy New Year to all our Southroyd families!

13 Dec 2017 Thanks to the whole Southroyd community who joined us at our fabulous Christmas service at Pudsey Parish church.

10 Dec 2017 Don’t forget January 2nd and 3rd are training days at Southroyd.

10 Dec 2017 Well done to everyone who helped and supported the amazing winter fair-we raised a fantastic £1750 for school.

10 Dec 2017 Remember Friday is a dress down day where children can wear their Christmas jumpers if they would like.

6 Dec 2017 RT @cooppriesthorpe: Two of our Post 16 students volunteered to help @southroyd during their Christmas Fair. Faique played the snowman and…

3 Dec 2017 The school Winter Fair begins this morning at 11am - come along for stalls and activities and visit Santa's grotto.

1 Dec 2017 RT @MakatonCharity: Kicking off our Christmas Countdown this year with a Rockin' song from A Show Of Hands! Visit f…

1 Dec 2017 Don’t forget the fantastic Southroyd Winter Fair on Sunday!

1 Dec 2017 Well done to the 60 children who took part in our SCAMP sticker redesign. Congratulations to Millie and Connie for the winning designs.

28 Nov 2017 Thanks to Afsha for sharing the really informative assemblies on Islam today.

24 Nov 2017 Check out the fascinating school history timeline on the school website.

24 Nov 2017 Well done to Grace who led whole school assembly and others who finished off a really successful Takeover Week.

22 Nov 2017 Thankyou to School Council for all your brilliant suggestions to update and improve our anti-bullying policy and pr…

20 Nov 2017 Today’s assembly focused children on the need to Speak Up about bullying, as part of continuing Anti-Bullying Week work.

18 Nov 2017 Takeover Week begins next week in school with children taking a wide range of jobs and tasks, including leading Friday assembly.

17 Nov 2017 RT @ABAonline: Welcome to #AntiBullyingWeek 2017 where we're celebrating what makes us #AllDifferentAllEqual. Will you join us? 🙂 https://t…

16 Nov 2017 RT @MindMateLeeds: This #AntiBullyingWeek, it’s important to remember that bullying can happen to anyone, young and old – even celebrities…

14 Nov 2017 School Council meet on Wednesday to match the 130 applications to the 20 tasks of Takeover Week. Well done to all t…

14 Nov 2017 Pudsey Bear visited our school assembly and reception today, to launch our Children in Need fund raising this week.

13 Nov 2017 Y5 visited a Leeds mosque today as part of their Islam topic work.

11 Nov 2017 Next week is Anti-Bullying Week in school. Children will be editing and updating the school policy. The theme this…

10 Nov 2017 Year 2 and 6 made their visit to the Remembrance service at Pudsey Cenotaph this morning.

3 Nov 2017 Y2 enjoyed an enjoyable drama day boarding the Titanic, to launch their half term project.

31 Oct 2017 Children took part in assemblies about liberty and freedom and were encouraged to explore the true meanings and resulting opportunities.

30 Oct 2017 RT @Child_Leeds: Only two days to go until the deadline for secondary school admissions, don't miss out!

19 Oct 2017 Today we have collected our International School Award from the British Council, presented by BBC presenter Will Millard.

15 Oct 2017 Harvest festival is this Wednesday, we are welcoming donations brought to school before church (2pm)

11 Oct 2017 Don’t forget the School Photographer is in tomorrow.

11 Oct 2017 The whole school took part in school council elections today with over 100 candidates up for the jobs! Results on Friday.

10 Oct 2017 Election fever is visible all round school, with loads of examples of campaign posters ahead of tomorrow’s election.

9 Oct 2017 Y4 enjoyed their Roman Day today with children looking fantastic in their Roman costumes.

8 Oct 2017 Each class elects two school councillors this Wednesday in the School Council Elections.

6 Oct 2017 @JenniePatterson Thanks Jennie. When were you at Southroyd?

5 Oct 2017 Can you send us any historical information about the old Southroyd schools for the timeline in our hall? Photos? Letters? Memories?

5 Oct 2017 Do you have any local history of Southroyd to share with our school timeline? Were you /your parents at Southroyd - we'd love to hear more.

4 Oct 2017 Parents came along to the school's maths and curriculum meetings after school today. Sessions are repeated tomorrow at 2:45 - all welcome.

28 Sep 2017 Remember our School Council elections are on Wednesday October 11th for year 2 to 6.

27 Sep 2017 The whole school took part in National Fitness Day, with all children enjoying Zumba on the playground.

22 Sep 2017 RT @cooppriesthorpe: HUGE thanks to @PRAlearning and our friends at @southroyd for making our community day such a lively happy event 😄🎼💃🏽…

22 Sep 2017 Winners of the 160+ cake Bake Off were announced in the newsletter. Find the newsletter on the school website, or from the downloadable app.

21 Sep 2017 Bake Off was a great event today. Meena Ma'am was a fantastic judge with results of our Anniversary competition announced tomorrow.

20 Sep 2017 Guests Richa, Ishani and Falak entertained the whole school this afternoon with their fantastic Garba and Bollywood dances.

19 Sep 2017 4Shakespeare enjoyed playing kho-kho, a traditional Indian playground game, with our guests.

19 Sep 2017 Our Bachpan guests enjoyed a day working with Year 6's drama project on WWI, but also enjoyed their trip to the Space Dome with Y5.

18 Sep 2017 Our specialist dancers practised their Garba steps on the playground, with our visitors this afternoon. Our Indian guests were impressed!

17 Sep 2017 Our guests arrived safely to Leeds on Saturday and have enjoyed a busy weekend before meeting children tomorrow!

14 Sep 2017 The Great Southroyd Bake Off has been launched today. Details available from the school App and letters coming home…

13 Sep 2017 Welcome to our 6 guests who landed safely in Heathrow just now! A lot cooler than India!

12 Sep 2017 RT @SkeltonGrange: Our next #BigGreenWeekend Open Day is just around the corner! #Leeds #Yorkshire #Funtimes https:…

11 Sep 2017 Year 3 go to Saltaire this Friday, as part of their studies about Sir Titus Salt.

11 Sep 2017 Download the school app to make sure you can receive news, alerts and newsletters to your phone. Search for Southroyd on AppStore.

10 Sep 2017 Remember our Indian guests arrive a week on Monday. Why not start making that welcome card now?

30 Aug 2017 Six Indian guests join us at Southroyd for the week of 18-22nd September.

30 Aug 2017 Don't forget Monday is a Training Day at Southroyd.

18 Aug 2017 Great news! Southroyd has got a British Council International School Award. Thanks to everyone supporting all the excellent activities.

26 Jul 2017 Southroyd has successfully achieved the School Sports gold standard! Well done all!

24 Jul 2017 Don't forget to download the Southroyd app from appstore (both apple and android) so you can keep in touch with school events in September.

24 Jul 2017 Have a safe and enjoyable summer to all our Southroyd families. We look forward to hearing all about your breaks in the new term.

22 Jul 2017 Remember Monday is a fun day for all at Southroyd. Our last day before our summer break!

20 Jul 2017 Well done year six! They were all Prom kings and queens tonight.

19 Jul 2017 Miss Tomlinson shared her memories of her class' Southroyd journey at the second leavers' assembly this morning.

18 Jul 2017 Mrs Kilsby's class were first for their leavers assembly today. So many happy Southroyd memories! Miss Tomlinson's class tomorrow.

13 Jul 2017 Well done to team China who won this year's Spirit Alive!

12 Jul 2017 Well done KS1 for taking part in an excellent day of Spirit Alive sports day activities, waving the flags of their team countries.

11 Jul 2017 Preparations and rehearsals for Spirit Alive continued ready for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

9 Jul 2017 What an amazing sunny Southroyd Summer Fair. Well done to everyone who supported the event and thanks to our great parents and families.

8 Jul 2017 Summer School Fair is Sunday at 11-2. See everyone there!

5 Jul 2017 Our friends in Bachpan have finalised their flight plans and will join us on the week of September the 18th!

4 Jul 2017 RT @LeedsYouthVoice: School councillors from @southroyd primary share how they have a #voiceandinfluence in their school inc reviewing anti…

3 Jul 2017 Members of school Council will be presenting their thoughts about their role, at the Leeds Pupil Summit at the Civic Hall tomorrow.

1 Jul 2017 Remember Southroyd Summer Fair next Sunday, 9th from 11-2pm.

30 Jun 2017 The whole school met on the bottom playground for its CPR dance to Staying Alive - Our sponsored event to earn a defibrillator.

29 Jun 2017 Dress down day tomorrow. Just bring a donation for the summer fair.

29 Jun 2017 RT @Simon_Seary: @southroyd As Chairman of Pudsey Carnival we are looking to work with different organisations to get as many defibs in Pud…

29 Jun 2017 Tomorrow school take part in their sponsored dance for the defibrillator - hard work seen dancing to a Southroyd version of Staying Alive.

27 Jun 2017 Spain, Mexico, China and the UK are named as the focus countries for Spirit Alive. You may see some groups of dancers rehearsing for the day

27 Jun 2017 Preparations for Spirit Alive are continuing in school, with children preparing for the Opening and Closing ceremonies.

22 Jun 2017 Thanks to our guest Nola Ellen, who shared her experience and expertise about refugees in assembly and follow up workshops.

21 Jun 2017 So many activities and lessons about the plight of refugees for this year's Refugee Week, including den building and drama.

19 Jun 2017 Children in assembly thought about the difference between choosing to move to and from a country - and being forced to move as a refugee.

18 Jun 2017 RT @Child_Leeds: Lots of events,activities & celebrations in Leeds for Refugee Week (19-25 June) @LeedsCityofSanc @…

14 Jun 2017 Well done to the boys who got to the Leeds cricket semi-finals, then won the playoff as the 3rd best team in Leeds.

14 Jun 2017 RT @Child_Leeds: Tomorrow is the first ever #NationalCleanAirDay coordinated by Global Action Plan and Leeds City Council are one... https:…

12 Jun 2017 Whole school assembly was about First Aid - making it clear that children can be First Aiders too! Fundraising for a defibrillator begins!

8 Jun 2017 Please be aware of your children's use of or apps. Concerns raised on channel 4 news. See "internet safety" page on website

8 Jun 2017 Children took part in Sun Safe assemblies this week to make sure they are prepared to keep safe and healthy in the sun.

6 Jun 2017 Year 3 enjoyed a damp visit to Saltaire today to find out about Titus Salt.

5 Jun 2017 RT @leedslibraries: Fa-la-la-la, tra-la-la-lee, doo-dooby-doo, fiddle-de- de! It's National #Bookstart Week and we have fab events planned…

5 Jun 2017 Children continued to think about this week's General Election in assembly today - they were asked, "what would you do if you were our MP?"

2 Jun 2017 Refugee Week is coming up in Southroyd from 19th June-25th.Look out for our special Refugee Week Newsletter.

26 May 2017 RT @Child_Leeds: Lots of activities going on around Leeds this half term! Why not take a look...

26 May 2017 Ten ks2 children took part in the excellent Brownlee triathlon today at John Charles centre.

25 May 2017 Year 5 are settling in for the night after a sunny day at Gronton Lodge residential

22 May 2017 Children in assembly learnt more about the upcoming General Election and the importance of democracy as a key British value.

19 May 2017 Remember you can apply to be a Parent Governor at Southroyd - closing date is Friday 26th. Details from the school office.

18 May 2017 School Council met today to ask the question, "Why is a General Election important to us? Why is it important to have the chance to vote?"

17 May 2017 Year 4 were dressed for the part on their Greek Day today.

17 May 2017 RT @Child_Leeds: We know that walking to school makes children feel healthier and happier, while reducing congestion and pollution... https…

16 May 2017 Year six children really enjoyed the Leeds Book Awards at Pudsey Civic Hall today.

15 May 2017 In whole school assembly we begin our focus on democracy and look at the history of women's suffrage - leading up to the General Election.

11 May 2017 Well done to all the amazing Year 6 who finished their SATs today! Lots and lots of hard work and a well earned picnic tomorrow as reward!

10 May 2017 Well done year six on terrific application to the SATs. Last one, maths, tomorrow!

9 May 2017 The School Councillors have continued to check our energy saving habits, dropping into classrooms at breaks and leaving their reminders!

8 May 2017 SATs breakfast club began today. We wish all our year six children good luck in their tests.

5 May 2017 Y1 enjoyed their trips to Pudsey Park in the sunshine today.

23 Apr 2017 RT @Child_Leeds: Leeds primary school admissions: How to appeal if you missed out on first-choice place

21 Apr 2017 Well done Year 5 for their hard work through their Bike Ability training this week.

1 Apr 2017 RT @Child_Leeds: 3 April is World Autism Awareness Day. Help by attending #BiggerAndBetterInLeeds event Civic Hall, 9.30am – 3pm. https://t…

1 Apr 2017 Don't forget that home reading! We've challenged our children to read more at home this Easter, as part of Read to Succeed.

1 Apr 2017 The hatching and growing chicks have been very welcome additions to ks1 in the run up to Easter.

30 Mar 2017 It was 4Bronte's turn on Wednesday and Thursday with all children trying caving and so much more at Fanwood.

28 Mar 2017 4Shakespeare enjoyed their residential at Fanwood on Monday and Tuesday. Well done to them for trying so many new activities.

25 Mar 2017 Children fed back some amazing work on Twelfth Night for Shakespeare Week, in parent assembly.

23 Mar 2017 School Council met today to talk about Climate Change, following last week's Earth Hour. They have allocated Green Monitors to remind us.

23 Mar 2017 Remember our "Read to Succeed" challenge set by School Council? We are aiming to read more independently or with an adult at home.

20 Mar 2017 Mr Hall launched Shakespeare Week in assembly today as the school gets ready to learn all about Twelfth Night.

20 Mar 2017 Don't forget to book into the school Parents' Evening booking systems, if you haven't already done so. There is a link on the website.

16 Mar 2017 School Council met today to talk more about our school "Read to Succeed" plan and set the school a target to increase their home reading.

16 Mar 2017 Don't forget Earth Hour on Friday 17th. At Southroyd we will be doing without electricity from 2pm-3pm and Bachpan will be doing the same.

13 Mar 2017 Climate Change assembly links our climate change week here and in BACHPAN, with Earth Hour on Friday.

9 Mar 2017 School Council met today to set school a READ to SUCCEED challenge. Class council will be discussing strategies next week.

9 Mar 2017 The Vikings are in school! Yes, don't be alarmed, we have a guest Viking in the hall today for Year 5 to learn all about Viking life.

8 Mar 2017 Well done Y5 on their ukulele performance in front of parents this week.

6 Mar 2017 School Assembly focused on our theme, Read to Succeed, thinking about the difference regular reading really makes to our learning.

5 Mar 2017 Thank you to the huge number of families who supported the amazing World Book Day trail this weekend.

3 Mar 2017 Remember the World Book Day Trail, this Saturday between 6pm and 7:30pm in the School Grounds. Refreshments available - tickets at the door.

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