There are many ways you can support your child at maths in Southroyd. We put on parent support sessions at the start of the year, or point parents to a lot of useful resources. If you've missed the Open sessions in October, you are always welcome to come and ask our teachers - we'd love to help.

The website shares the School's Calculation Policy which has a Visual form shared around school to help familiarise our children with the most efficient way to use written strategies. You can click on the links below to find out about these.

Click Here for the School Calculation Policy

Click Here for the Visual Calculation Policy 

Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs)


The KIRFS are the "Key Instant Recall Facts" that children need to secure as they progress through primary school. Help your child to secure the facts associated to their year. Maths Olympics on the weekly timetable will also support the learning of these key KIRF facts which support your child's progress in maths. You may also hear about the "Out of This World" scheme to develop children's timetables basic facts. Feel free to find out more by asking your child's teacher.